We specialise in providing a professional service for the creation of clear and accurate interpretation material, suitable for use in many different locations, such as; visitor attractions, historic sites, museums, town trails, nature reserves, waterways, woodlands, coasts, parks and gardens, footpaths, cycle ways and trails. Clients can commission as many, or as few, aspects of the services below as they need.


We produce original, high quality illustrations to your requirements, for use on all aspects of interpretation material. This could include; outdoor information panels, exhibition displays, welcome leaflets, walking guides, town trails, teaching packs, worksheets, visitor guides, pocket guides, promotional leaflets, posters and wall charts.

The illustrations can be full colour paintings, or black and white drawings in pencil or ink.

We can produce accurate historic reconstructions, detailed wildlife illustrations or any other subject you may need to represent.

Please see portfolio for examples.

Plans and Maps

Whether for an orientation panel, a welcome leaflet, or walking and cycling trail guide, full colour or black and white maps and plans of your site or area can provide clear information and simple directions. We can produce detailed 3D hand drawn maps, simple graphic plans or clear site maps with key features such as places of interest, route ways and visitor facilities graphically enhanced.

Panel Design and Graphics

Your information panel could include several elements, such as an illustration, text and headings, diagrams and maps, photographs and logos. We can design the graphics and layout of the interpretation panel, and carefully combine all the required elements to create a clear and attractive panel design.

Please see portfolio for examples.

Brochures and Leaflets

Sometimes, you may need your information to be available in a printed format, convenient for visitors to pick up or use. Whether it’s a welcome leaflet, pocket guide, brochure or poster, we can design this for you.


You may already have existing photographs that you want to include within your interpretation material, but if you don’t, or you are not happy with the ones you have, we can undertake the photography for you.


Many projects require historic archival and picture research to ensure that the information presented on a panel or brochure is accurate. Our experienced archaeologist can undertake this research, contacting museums and archives, sifting through books and publications, or undertaking on-site investigations.

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